About Us



We found a need to be more visible, faster and affordable.

We need an infrastructure that was fast, integrated as possible (allow us to be in many places at once) and could support web sites built upon silo theme architect – an advance seo techniques.)

When the moving  parts work together we saw her save  time and multiply our effectiveness.

How to Dominate Local Markets has been servicing local businesses with SEO and social media marketing. Our founders have a proven track record of helping technology companies go to market with value marketing messages, tools and coaching.


For the resource constrained company, we have researched and and assembled and–

  • Looked around the marketplace but could not find  a solution to our needs to be met with what existed.

  • Found a need to be more visible and have a social media presence and a way to communicate.

  • Discovered that our need to go faster and “operationalize our social media” to succeed had to be accomplished.

  • Created a way to make the parts work together to save  time and multiply our effectiveness.

  • Addressed issues common issues face when building your personal broadcast network of web properties.

  • Make our solutions pay for themselves by creating an action group (Superblog). You will see how execute marketing content and sm marketing as  real time or near real time continuous process with local and vertical blueprints..

Superblog group leaders include experts in such fields as social media, internet marketing, local SEO, ecommerce and Internet marketing, , small business owners and mentors and professional consultants. We apply technical business practices to forge new alliances, build businesses and differentiate ourselves in a world moving at hyperspeed.

Miriam Slozberg – Miriam is a Canadian author, mom and social media manager. She loves networking, expanding her knowledge, traveling and writing. Miriam has co-written several ebooks on social media, and has created several social media programs. She was also awarded as one of the top 50 Industry Influencers of 2014 by AGBeats Magazine. 

Remy Farlend– focusing on vap stores running a superblog, video directory and local optimized web site for his store.

Martha Snee – Value modeling expert and NLP copywriter. Working on her ebook simultaneous working the marketing to accelerate  her “concept to revenue’

We make the parts work together to save you time and multiply your effectiveness.

Value + Differenationion +  Leverage  

We need to go faster in order to meet our goals!

Anybody in IM will tell you have to wade through a lot of bullshit. For example we put some initially mobile technology on hold until the technology is ready. But we are technology focused marketing company. Mobile is growing and changing. We vette our vendors Integrate and put into practice.  What you find here is a workable solution bit size. We are integration and metadata special created coca cola’ s data warehouse  and findings shared at DCI conference in Atlanta, 2001.  Integration customers include IBM, EDS, J&J, AMI and Business Objects.

We are a wordpress shop for website  and blogs and a phonegap development firm.

We have created and executed a agile wireframe methodology for mobile app requirements and testing resulting in 6 month cycle and first submit accepted by Apple.   you can learn about the methdology on our developmymobileapplication.com We are documeniting this formula into an ebook “thebusiness owners guide to Value modeling practitioner.

We know the pain and frustration of losing  time, money, and missed opportunities false promises  while trying to understand and navigate the maze content marketing.   We vetted what we think is best of breed products, concepts and ideas and made them work together can called it the Superblog. Because we realized this is  the infrastructure everyone needs to succeed in the today’s hyper-competitive  world.

Our communities are leaders and practitioners of proven techniques and approach and cutting edge technical

The Superblog is only part of the Local business blueprint we will be sharing with your community.

Our goal is  to get this out to you to start Super blogging TM .  but it does so much more.